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Devin P. Marty

Promoting an ethical, equality-driven future for all.


Co-Founder | Head of Strategy and Blockchain Development at SAN Sound.

Author of “The Decision-Making Employee: How to Succeed in a Decentralized Organization” (2019) and “Sociogenesis” (2021).



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A Bit About Devin

Devin Marty is a Founder and Head of Strategy and Blockchain Development at SAN Sound. Devin specializes in decentralized network architecture, and his background includes ecosystem growth, token economics, and strategy at multiple Layer-1 and DeFi protocols, NFT Marketplaces, Metaverse companies, and Web3 advising agencies. He authored the best-selling book "The Decision-Making Employee," which examines decentralized organizations through discussion with industry experts, and demonstrates – in the age of remote working and increased autonomy – how employees can not only use their decision-making privilege to succeed professionally but also extract greater purpose and enjoyment from their work.

Web3 work Experience


Strategic Advisor

Ecosystem Growth

Author and Photographer

Blockchain Marketing Advisors

CSO and Partner

WiseSoft (Wise Token + LiquidNFTs)

Director of Strategy

"The Decision-Making Employee"


SAN Sound will redefine your music-listening experience with the launch of our flagship product, SAN WEAR. Paired with our music discovery platform and audio-based economy, these ‘ultra reality audio’ headphones bridge the physical world and the metaverse by providing an interactive social dimension to music. We call this new and augmented environment "The Soundscape." 

Immerse yourself in The Soundscape at home or through our worldwide community.

MAD NFT is a dedicated NFT Toolkit and Marketplace that provides creators with a platform to easily upload and sell their work on a global marketplace – maintaining full creative and monetization freedom. The platform uses configurable smart contracts that allow the creator to make adjustments to instantaneous payouts. Additionally, every creator has a dedicated profile and social feed so that collectors can have a better-informed purchasing experience with a personal touch.


Harmony is an open and fast blockchain whose mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees.

A fine art monograph that aims to educate on the ethical and harmonious nature of decentralizing technology. Printed by Brilliant Graphics, in association with the Leica Akademie and dePaola Pictures.

BMA provides high-level strategies, creative services, and business consultation to companies in - or looking to join - the Web3 space. Our founding partners have over 40 years of combined experience in marketing strategy and business development.

WiseSoft is an innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) startup with more than $500 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) in its protocols. By creating the most ethical and equitable digital finance ecosystem, we are giving everyone the financial independence they deserve.

Today, an increasing number of leading businesses are moving away from their traditional hierarchical structure by giving their employees the power to make decisions for the company. In this book, you will learn what decentralized organizations are, how they operate, and how to succeed in this exciting and empowering new environment. 

Devin Marty, on Bloomberg Quicktake, speaks on how Web3 and blockchain will lead to a more ethical and equitable existence.

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