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Amazon Bestseller and Previous #1 New Release

The Decision-Making Employee

How to Succeed in a Decentralized Organization 
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The Decision Making Employee
About Devin

Devin P. Marty is an author, photographer, and Blockchain advocate dedicated to reinventing the world by virtue of ethical and equitable technologies. 


Devin has authored "The Decision-Making Employee" an Amazon bestseller that examines decentralized organizations through discussion with industry experts, and demonstrates – in the age of remote working and increased autonomy – how employees can not only use their decision-making privilege to succeed professionally, but also extract greater purpose and enjoyment from their work.

Devin is Chicago-born, Williamsport, PA-raised, and Rochester, NY-educated.

The Books

What is a decentralized organization

Today, an increasing number of leading businesses are moving away from their traditional hierarchical structure by giving their employees the power to make decisions for the company. While the term may be unfamiliar, the names of companies that are implementing forms of decentralization are well-known and highly regarded: Johnson & Johnson, Zappos, Toyota, Valve, and so many more. 

The Decision-Making Employee offers answers to the questions: 

  • What is a decentralized organization and why are they growing in popularity? 

  • What is the intersection between improvisational acting and this form of organizational management? 

  • Why is decentralization the next revolution in business? 

Use this book as a tool to help both you and your company thrive in this ongoing business revolution.


The “Sociogenesis” Monograph continues the discussion that Devin Marty began in his first book, “The Decision-Making Employee, how to succeed in a decentralized organization.”

The core values expressed in this body of work derive from the social and economic philosophies of Fredrick Hayek, whose seminal work, “The Use of Knowledge in Society,” outlines a means for returning to a decentralized, equality-driven existence – using the prevailing central-capital structures.

According to Hayek, efficiency is the result of informed decision-making. Why do we leave the decision-making privilege to a select few at the top? They have no conceivable capacity for capturing all the knowledge in a community or organization. A decentralized decision-making unit is far more reactive and informed when compared to a top-down model. Further, the decision-makers in a decentralized network are more empowered by the mobility and autonomy that comes with being a decision-maker.

“Sociogenesis” is an NFT project on a mission to bring more photographers into the space. Each NFT will allow the holder to unlock a physical copy of the fine art monograph “Sociogenesis” and have it shipped right to their house. Each fine art monograph (book) is printed to the highest standard by Brilliant Graphics, one of the best fine art printers in the world. All 2,000 will be printed with an elite offset printing method.

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"In The Decision-Making Employee, Devin Marty dutifully dissects the tenets of improvisation to create topographical maps for decentralizing organizations. Honest and on-point, Devin shows his love for both improv and decentralized organizations by pushing the reader to think about her/his actions every step of the way. Keep your eyes on Devin as he just may be designing the future of organizations around the world!"


Founder & CEO, Business Improv and Author of Getting to Yes, And: The Art of Business Improv 

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